Currently the extraordinary exhibition ‘As above so below’ with new large scale paintings of James Aldridge is visible. The book, made by Christian Ouwens and James Aldridge about this series of paintings, is also available. Maybe even signed!

Years ago Christian Ouwens saw a painting of ten meters long at the restaurant of Tate Modern in London. The canvas envisioned an imaginative world: birds, plants, deers and trees, a symbiosis that lives on in the mind of the viewer. Again and again Ouwens returned to the museum to see the painting, until he eventually decided to contact the artist for a collaboration.

The painting style of the artist forms an unforgettable impression. Inky washes, geometric shapes and soft smoky areas clash with silhouettes, realistic birds and stylised elements. The resulting tension their relationships create remind us what we first see is not always what it seems. The paintings have a distinct language of their own despite their sampling of references and this is something that has continually developed throughout Aldridge’s career, each work informed by the previous. There is a balance between beauty and the grotesque where the paintings nearly reach saturation point in an endeavour to see how much information an image can hold before it collapses.

The exhibition shows impressive paintings and will be visible at the gallery during the summer.

Click here to visit the overview page of James Aldridge.

A bigger book, the large David Hockney book existing of 600 pages, is available! It is signed by the master himself.

The book is 70 x 50 cm. (open 70 x 100 cm.), is supplied with a standard designed by Marc Newson.

An extra guiding book is included as well. The bigger book, standard and the accompanied book together cost 2.000,-. It will be delivered and montaged at your favorite place in the house or office!

Christian Ouwens Gallery is connected to the ‘KunstKoop’ settlement. With the KunstKoop you are able to purchase an art or design object and pay in monthly terms by means of an (interest-free!) loan of the Mondriaan Foundation.
The gallery is located at Eendrachtsweg 20, across the Museumpark (Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Chabot Museum, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Kunsthal, Sonneveld Huis and the to be built Public Art Depot).

Opening hours are Thursday until Saturday from 11:00 until 18:00, or by appointment.