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Galerie Christian Ouwens is located on the opposite side of the Museumpark in Rotterdam, around the corner from the Witte de Withstraat.

We only work directly with our artists and organize with them inspiring projects and exhibitions. Or in the case of Armando (1929 - 2018) and Eugène Brands (1913 - 2002) we work with the rights holders. This is how we can guarantee the authenticity and quality.

Christian Ouwens is chairman of the Dutch Gallery Association (NGA) and board member of the Eugène Brands Foundation.

The Rotterdam Museum Night will take place on 7 March from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Christian Ouwens Galerie naturally takes part in this again with the exhibition of Bas Geerts; 

you should do something

yourself because then

you see everything clearly

There are paintings, text animations and a wall painting specially made for the occasion.

There is an invisible logic behind the abstract paintings by Bas Geerts, a principle that dominates the surface, with all its reflections. Before Geerts starts painting, he writes a computer program. This program sketches designs for him, made up of randomly generated geometric shapes. He then carries out these designs using traditional methods, using sheet metal, pure pigments and acrylic paint on linen. Although the use of the computer suggests a mechanistic image as a result, the paintings are reminiscent of organic patterns, like the waves of running water. The titles of the works refer to the date on which the computer program generated the design.

Bas Geerts (Leiden, 1971) works as a visual artist, poet and music programmer, and graduated from the University of Amsterdam.

Along with this exhibition, paintings can be seen in 2 restaurants of Dudok (Meent 88, Rotterdam and Rijnstraat 10c, The Hague), these were made in 2017 during a residency in New York.

On the 1st of July is has been a year ago, Armando died at the age of 88 in his sleep. We have lost a gifted artist, writer, actor, musician, but above all a wonderful person.

The photo on the right, Armando is working on his last drawings, made in June during our multi-day visit to Potsdam.

Thank you dearest Armando for the beautiful period that we have known you, for the book that we put together, the dinners and more ...

Christian Ouwens, Conny, Tenzin and Isa
Christian Ouwens
The 300-page book of Christian Ouwens, Hans den Hartog Jager and Armando. This shows the versatility of this multitalent. The cover photo is by Anton Corbijn.

Order this book here (ISBN 9789490291037).